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Pantera L #6791 Ex CA USA, Now NSW Australia.

Sales Ad details -

A unique Pantera that is an original car which was mechanically restored while retaining many of the original aspects of the car and further maintaining the spirit of the L body Pantera.

The correct 351cid engine has been fully rebuilt to a strong street standard.

Great performance and excellent street-ability.

The transaxle was rebuilt with all new and updated half shafts as well.

All the suspension was plated and rebuilt.

The brake system was fully rebuilt including all the hydraulic system and all mechanical aspects.

The headlamp raising system has been updated for consistent operation.

The original Campagnolo rims have been refinished and are in wonderful condition.
Correct and very expensive Michelin XWX tires have been fitted to retain the character and feel of this Pantera.

The interior is original to the car with only the seats recovered to correct standard.

The rest of the interior has been left original to maintain the character of the car.

This Pantera is ready to enjoy and will prove a solid well sorted performer that will provide safe representation of this era of super cars.

Custom Automotive is proud to offer this very rare collectible vehicle on consignment for a private collector.

The private collector Dave Parker has decided to reduce his inventory of collectible autos and this is just one of the great cars to be offered.

Please check our website for a complete listing!!!

All cars offered by this collector are in pristine condition and are in show-museum quality.
Stored in a climate controlled facility and maintained regularly.

These are drivable, head turning, vehicles not just simply for show.

This car has been refurbished by Joseph Potter Restorations.

First owner - Paul J Strang MD, Wake County, Nth Carolina.

Second Owner - Randall L Washington, Cary NC.

Third Owner - Bill Pepper, Charleston, West Virginia.

Fourth owner - Joseph Potter Restorations.

Fifth owner - Dave Parker, Pelican Development Car Collection, LLC. (Dave's Garage).


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  • 81273_Rear_3-4_Web
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  • 4127584330_a53e97ce06_o
  • 4126811547_1e226010a1_o
  • pantera-wet-leaves
  • Pantera-for-Joe-Potter-Restorations-11.18.09_5665
  • Mothers_day_May_2011_005
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  • Collage
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  • CAL_5977
  • CAL_8686
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  • CAL_9343
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