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1974 GTS $179,500. There's a reason we're the largest  DeTomaso selling  Dealer in the world. We consistently set world record prices time and time again. Rolling right off the back of our 1972 chrome bumper sale at $149,500.00, and black GT5-S @ $279k plus sales tax! Nobody in the world sets records like this, probably never will. 3 high dollar sales in a 30 day period. Over 600 grand in 3 sales.

As an aside, on multiple occasions in the past, buyers will fly in from Europe to see a particular car, fall in love w/another car, and ask, gee which one would you buy? I always give the same answer, buy 'em both. You won't lose money. And they do! Unbelievable. It's happened over and over. More and more often we also sell the same car multiple times, albeit a few years between sales. They send them back for resale! This market has never been this hot. Needless to say, our creative financing plans play an important we make the cars perfect.

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Congrats! That's good news for all. I suspect dollar inflation may be playing a role here. I say that not to impune the value of these cars, certainly inflation is not the only factor, but there sure have been lots of record sale prices lately. Also the fact that anything collectable is highly valued at the moment. Collectables in general are through the roof right now, presumably because lockdown left a lot of folks sitting at home with full bank accounts and no costs to pay as far as restaurants, concerts, travel, etc...

Nice job, Sharkey.  I have been following quite a few Panteras on BAT and with Sharkey's statement about the market being hot, I am a little confused on Hagerty's valuations.  According to Hagerty our cars have dropped and this doesn't correspond with what I have been seeing.  I usually don't put a lot of thought into what Hagerty has, but I have noticed their interpretation of the Pantera market has been in decline for awhile now.  After watching so many sales exceed what they have listed I though that their recent release of valuations would show  a trend going back up, but it still hasn't.  Anybody have any insight or is Hagerty just a little off on Pantera's?

I should note that I have mostly been looking at 73/74L values.

Otis, the main monetary criteria for the sales we make are what jingles in the to speak. To wit: I just had a quick glance of three Panteras on that sight: An 'average' Haggarty valuation of a chrome bumper sale would produce 63k. Gosh, that's about 80 GRAND off our last chrome bumper sale at 149k. Almost commensurate with the Mecum Kissimmee George Bacardi red '72 we sold at 143k a year ago, same auction!

Next, 1974 GTS: Average to nice condition, 94k. Really. You couldn't buy any '74 GTS at that number for a long time. How far is that from our most recent 179k recent sale??? They missed that one by over 85 grand.

Finally the Grand-Daddy of 'em all, the 5-Steel. They list an '86 @ buck 40. $140k for a car we sold at $279k. That's a gigantic football field away from $140k.

I can take you further back to Mecum Kissimmee once again, years ago we sold the black 5-/Steel Florida car for $220k PLUS 10% Mecum fees bringing it to 250k!

Haggarty used to scour the internet for recent sales at live auction(s), recent purchases, ebay sold items, even called us for recent sale numbers some time back. Just thinking our loud, perhaps the insurance valuations are to 'protect companies' from higher pay-outs? I don't know. I'll leave that to you to ponder.

My supposition is their basing values on incomplete information.

Being one.... if the last if not ~the last~ DeTomaso selling Dealers left in the universe, I don't have time for conjecture. My objective is keep the marque alive along as possible. Sales figures show we're doin' a good job of that.

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