I have a pair of hard to find Pantera mufflers for sale.

They  are the second-style 1971 (and really early 1972) mufflers.  Overall appear to be in very good shape.  They have what look like Hall Pantera chrome slip-over tips installed on top of the original tips, so I have no idea what the original chrome looks like. 

I can deliver to Monterey this weekend if you buy them and are coming to Car Week.  Let me know.

I was planning to gut them and turn them into stock-appearing performance mufflers, but never got around to it, and frankly have too many projects as it is.




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boblevitt posted:

I might be interested but I live in New York . Are you able to ship ? Are these upswept ? 


Hi Bob,

Yes, I'm able to ship, however buyer is responsible for all/actual shipping charges.  And yes, the tips are 71 & 72 pre-L style upswept.  I'll see if I can get a better pic from a lower angle, but they are upswept and un-modified (other than the chrome covers the former owner put on the tips to freshen them up).

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