I've received a lot of PMs from folks who hadn’t followed my life with 9203, how it finally reached the end of the road. And then how I began a new search which resulted in XXXX and the journey I'm on today.

Like many here, I’ve been collecting photos along the way so I’ll remember how to take it all apart again. It’s something I’ll be doing often I’m sure, in the years to come.

So with all the pics now in hand, here’s the past 2 years in 12 minutes. Nothing amazing, but faster than going thru the 33 pages of the build. Wink

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The tires are not flush. In fact, they extend OUTSIDE of the flares! Amazingly they do not rub (yet). We did lots of testing before cutting steel. They rub at full lock or when turning coming off a raised curb - much like all my previous Panteras.

TBH, I haven't tried going over bumps in the road at 100 mph yet. I'll only get to this around Xmas but I don't expect any issues that can't be fixed.


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