Does anyone recognize this car in Michigan?

I would think the badges would make it unique to identify!

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I have not seen this one before. Looks a little like John's car, who attends cars/coffee in Birmingham on Saturday, but, he doesn't have yellow badges or a front spoiler. Where/when was the picture taken?
Those yellow badges are unique and seem familiar to me. I think the right person to ask would be John S. but as far as I know he didn't come back to Michigan this year( he lives in Vegas now).
What do the badges look like up close? George Stauffer frequently puts a badge that looks similar on his cars.

I do not remember him owning this Pantera, but who knows? He certainly has owned his share of Panteras. Plus, Michigan is nearby. ?????
You are correct Perry! This car has been identified as 3374.

I also have contact info for an early (1975) owner who would like to chat with the current owner.

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Um, Perry,

You responded to a thread that is 2 years old.

Don't you have a few photos that you can share ?

Send them to the

with the VIN in the subject line. Send as attachments, not embedded within the text.
(Or the processor won't 'see' them.)


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