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I've seen other 'Champs with Pantera wheels. Those look like the 15 x 8 versions. The Longchamp GTS had the Pantera wheels mounted as oem equipment, 15 x 8 front, 15 x 10 rear. Check out the picture below.

I think the 'Champ in your link is the first 'Champ I've seen with the bumpers removed, I like the look. The car needs to be lowered, its sitting too high on the suspension.

I love the Longchamp, I would like to own one some day.

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What fuels my curiosity about this matter is how wide pantera wheels can you put on a stock body Longchamp. The GTS has the fender alterations and higher ride height(or at least it appears so) than the normal one. I am currently in process of creating a Longchamp Prototipo clone out of my car, but I must say that I´ve always liked the Pantera wheel design more than the Longchamp/Deauville one.
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