IMG_9678_[Small)We got the awesome opportunity to take our cars out onto the Tucson Speedway track. We had 4 Panteras (1 yellow, 3 white) and two Cobras turn out.

It was super awesome.

I kept thinking... they are not going to let 6 Yahoos that they have never seen before get loose on the track...are they??? Where is the pace car??? ...but then the marshal just waved us out!

We had about 6 full bore laps on the 3/8" paved oval, and a cool-down lap. It was great.

I am hoping the forum transition on Monday will allow me to post more....


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Adding more pictures to test out the interface....

The #19 Car was driven by one of our Pantera Owner's brother (Harry Ram, brother of Steve).  Great 30 lap race for the championship.  Very exciting.

After the event, I spoke to the track promoter, and he was as excited for us to attend, as we were to be there.  Next year I think we will have a little "driver's meeting" before we get out there on the track, it was a little crazy out there a few times.

Anyway - a terrifically successful event, and I expect next year's event will be better attended, and an even more spectacular event for our club!


The AZ Pantera Club had the following in attendance:

Chuck '73 L (Yellow)

Jim & Jacki F. '73 L (White) - Major Upgrades

Jack M.  White '74 L (White) - Major Stocker

Sean K. White '74 L (White) - Tasteful Engine Updates

Greg & Sue - Cobra (Green)

Yanick & Patti - Cobra (Gold)

Steve R. - Red Pantera (in absentia)


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Let's try...

In this video, you can see the yellow car come around, and then towards the end of the shot, the Cobra comes into the frame.  Smoke pours out of his engine, and then just at the end, you see the red glow of flames as his engine explodes!


(Oh...  that red is just his brake lights...)






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