It seems that I have too much free play / slack in my brake caliper. The arm on the caliper moves full travel without setting the brake. I think there is a way to remove the slack from the self adjusting system but I have no idea how to do it. Can't find any explanation on what happens inside the caliper when you use the P- brake. 

Girling single piston caliper. Car s/n 9193.

This came about after I resealed  the calipers. The car had been inactive for 18 years

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I'm not sure this helps your situation but IPSCO sells a Parking Brake Kit that is separate from the stock rear brake system.I't was installed on my #1791 and I swear by it.It is now pricey but it allows you to upgrade to larger rotors and after market brake systems if that may be in the future.

I kinda have the same Problem. I upgraded my Car to Wilwoods front and back. Use the Stock rear Brake as Parking only, but like yours it doesn't hold worth a Damn! Everything is tight, the inside Handle goes up 5-6 clicks like the Manuel says, but the Car still doesn't Hold! Is there a Adjustment I'm missing?

The stock rear calipers seem to need initial hydraulic pressure to the pistons and pads in order for the parking brake to function properly.  During a recent project I was assuming that the parking brake would be functional after a complete rebuild of the calipers.  I have a sloped driveway and found the parking brake unusable when rolling the car out of the garage.  Eventually the hydraulic system was online and it looks like it was able to push the pistons and internal mechanisms into place.  Now the parking brake works great.

What happens when the shaft that the cable is attached to rotates ?

There has to be a self adjusting mechanism to take up the slack created by pad wear. I think it involves the ratchet mechanism in the direct piston. I also think I have an idea on how it works but not how to adjust it. I'm kinda guessing that you have to hold the direct piston while moving the cable arm full travel several times. A caliper is on my work bench so tomorrow I'm going to play with it. One way or another I'm gonna figure it out but I thought going to the brain bank here first might work. I want a functioning P- brake.

As you mentioned, the parking brake is self adjusting.  It relies on a tab on the surface of brake that prevents the piston from rotating.  The tab fits in a slot on the piston.  Some aftermarket pads do not have the tab.  But this would only be an issue as the rear pads wear down and probably not apply in your case.

The slot in the piston must be vertical and then the inner ratchet takes up when the brake pedal is pushed. The brake pad must have the tab to keep it from turning. If it turns the internal ratchet disengages and when you set the parking brake it just collapses the pistons.

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