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Was at the biyearly control with the Pantera. Clean sheet, except no parking brake on right rear wheel. Hydraulic brakes perfect.

When I got home I took the cable off, but it was perfect, slides like in butter. But the arm on the caliper, the left one pops right back, the right one moves ever so slowly back, takes 3 seconds. I'm not sure it'll move the cable, long term.

How do I fix the arm? I've massaged it 100 times and sprayed WD-40 and oil, no difference.
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Solved. Just as a FYI for others, here's what it took:
-I took off the cable and made a funnel of paper and poured oil through, took a few hours. The cable felt good before, but it can never hurt
-The arm on the right caliper that didn't pop right back: On the opposite side there's a plastic cap in the middle of a plastic square. Pop that of, then spray WD-40, this is where it "binds". If that's not enough (was for me), remove the lock and take out the entire arm/axle and remove rust.

When does the car industry invent a parking brake that works perfectly despite it not being used for years and it has to survive damp and dirt? Wink
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