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If the braking system is stock then I would think it would be easiest to reinstall stock parts, especially as the handrbrake works through the stock calipers and all you need are cables, pulley's and a handbrake lever.

Below is basically what you will need, much of which you might be able to fabricate locally. A lot depends whether you want a handbrake that is functional for the test or functional full stop Wink


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It took some fab work, but I was able to adopt some go-cart calipers to the stock rear rotor to act as a parking brake. I used the stock e-brake handle.

This is the general style of caliper I started with. I build a spacer to distance the pads to clear the rotor and designed a bracket out of alum plate to mount to the extra bolt pattern on the uprights (uprights have bolt holes on both sides). Remember that the calper must float a bit to deal with clearance on the rotor. I used the stock Ebrake handle but needed a simple e-brake cable better adapted to the brake assembly for the caliper. Just a ball on the end of the cable style to thread through the brake lever is enough to pull the lever and hold the car.

Seems it would work great for a few weeks then need an adjustment, the lever throw was limited and would require exact clearences/adjustments to prevent binding but at the same time hold when activated. For passing inspection it could cost less the $100 to fab. I did both axles which I think contributed to the challange. If you could get away with just one, it would be much simpler to build and use as a temporary solution.

I finally pulled them off last summer after I decided the extra weight was not adding much value. I would not suggest it for a long term solution, but perhaps for a cheap "get through inspection" answer it might be worth the effort.

Since they are in a box, I can pull them out and send over any photo's of interest. Easier to provide a direct email address so I do not have to reduce the image size and post. Like I said, kind of works but not optimal.

V8 Capri, I get to Mel once every 4 month. Have a mate out in Frankston who I see everytime I get out there.
I will look you up on my next cycle down under. Can hand carry some parts if needed.
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