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Lots of questions of late regarding "what does the stock "thingy bolt" or such being tossed about.  Most recently was for hose clamps!   After I found a couple of my old clamps, AND a stash of original bolts, I realized that some of these parts were pretty special!     Likely no longer available in the original form either!

As these cars sit in the stratosphere of pricing, those of you with original fasteners and such can hopefully get some help here and also offer help here in documenting different stuff!

How to do this?   I don't know if we can get a "sticky" to place at the top of the Tech folder....which would be nice...... It would stay there indefinitely and not need to be "found" every time someone posts a won't get lost.....

Perhaps there are other posts that need this status??? Will need to ping the board owner about a process to do this?

SO, how do we go about this?    One giant long thread that keeps going or a new topic, with separate posts below it?  (That sounds like a better way to do this now that I type it out......!!!!   "Goose By The Numbers!"  or such!

I want to get this info off of my desk, so I am going to start with this thread, and once the webmeister is contacted for approval, we can start individual threads on each aspect of the car's construction.   We MUST keep in mind that nothing is necessarily wrong, as our cars were built from the parts counters of multiple car lines and manufacturers!   .....AND over differing periods of time..... AND even different countries of "build" location!

So a work in progress......begins!

HOSE CLAMPS:  I found two sizes from my car, the large water tube clamps and the fuel line clamps.  There is a medium size used on the balance of the heater core hoses, but I have none. Others do I know, cuz you sent me pictures!  There could be a 4th size for the bottom (inlet) of the water pump.

The parts book lists the supplier as a FASCIETTA, who is still in business with a slight different spelling (Fascetta), but sadly their new clamps resemble US type clamps.


Markings: SERFLEX  BrNo 60426  Made In France,  The most interesting thing of these is that they have a quick disconnect feature!  Back them off a few turns from tight, and then you can squeeze the clamp and pop the clamp end loose from the screw affair!


These tend to look VERY cruddy as they often were coated in undercoating and or black paint for "restorations".......!    I soaked these in Evap-O-Rust and cleaned them with a brass brush. Came out OK for 50+ year old pieces!

Round screwdriver section, not hex.

FUEL LINE CLAMPS- after going thru multiple engine swaps over the years, one of these clamps actually survived!

Markings: MINIFLEX  N2   1119  "Made In France"

Here are two shots of this tiny clamp.....I am NO photographer and my p&s camera is no help.......


Note that the section that engages the worm screw is NOT perforated but a raised section of the metal to engage with the screw.  Easier on the hose?  Screw head is round/squared off.  "Cheesehead" style.  Does NOT have the quick disconnect feature.


I found some original bolts in a box that came with the car, and I added a couple more, plus some "mystery pieces"!


Marked: UNF  3F  8G   16mm head  33mm length (15mm shoulder area) 11mmx1.25 threadsAxleshafts


OK these next bolts are standard (US) threads....not sure why....but the threads are close to metric....but the markings are something I have never seen before...and I suspect that perhaps maybe possibly these were picked up somewhere in Italy??????  Or originals were lost and substitutions made......

Marked: PREMIER  TANIUM     Head- 1/2"  Length- .725"   Threads 5/16"-18AntirollbarRear


Marked: CFM 8G   NUTS: F   6S      Head: 13mm   Length: 23mm  Threads  8mm-1.25      Qty-3ea  


***LAST GENERATION(s) of REINFORCED lower a-arms use 2 short and 1 long bolt to attach the ball joints properly.

MYSTERY BOLTS!!!   I found 4 of these, but one turned out to be a std US imposter.....  They MAY have jumped into my Goose stuff from some close by Pantera stuff........!!!!   User beware!

Marked B "star symbol" T   8G    Head: 13mm  Length: 40mm w/ 15mm shoulder   

Threads: 8mm-1/25     Q-4?MysteryBolts

That's all I have for now! Just wanted to get these posted!


Images (9)
  • ClampsBigSmall: Water Pipe and Fuel Line Clamps
  • CoolingPipes1: Neat Feature- quick disconnect
  • CoolingPipes2: SERFLEX
  • FuelClamp1
  • FuelClamp2
  • Axleshafts
  • AntirollbarRear
  • BallJointsEarly
  • MysteryBolts
Original Post

I think the three 1/2 inch bolts are the three at the top of the front A-Arm  that hold the A-Arm to the ball joint. Remove them and you can lift the outboard corner of the A-Arm, remove a little bolt from the top of the ball joint, put a Zirc into it and grease it.

I am sure mine are 8MM.

If you have NOT done that you are risking breaking the ball joint, the steering will get very hard first.

Herb Grass, a friend with a Mangusta had that happen three days after purchasing the car from Cassius Clay's manger. He was two blocks from home, the tow truck driver neglected to tie it down and it slid off the truck and fell to the pavement. It was badly damaged.

Unintended consequences, they rarely go in your favor.

Dick Ruzzin

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