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I have the following early PI magazines for sale (pre- Dave/Linda Adler era):
Vol 1 complete, 4 issues (1974-75)
Vol 2 complete, 4 issues (1975-76)
Vol 3 complete, 4 issues (1976-77)
vol 4 complete, 4 issues (1977-78)
Vol 5- 3 issues, missing #4 ('78-79)
Vol 6- 3 issues, missing #1 ('79-80)
Vol 7- 3 issues, missing #4 ('80-81)
Vol 8- 3 issues, missing #4 ('81-82)
Vol 9- 2 issues, missing #1 & #4 (-82-83)
Vol 14- 3 issues, missing #1 (1988-89)
Vol 15 complete, 4 issues (1990)
Vol 16- 2 issues, missing # 3 & #4 (1991)
All are in excellent condition. It's rare that early issues such as these come up for sale. Make offer for all 39 issues; do not want to separate for individual magazines- too much trouble. Thanks- J DeRyke
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What are you looking to get for them? I would like them. If Mike has not bought them already he did respond first.
PS when I bought my car I asked you a question about the original carb... your answer was you must have one of the only origial carbs still on the car swap it out, smile. I just put a Holley 720 cfm 1968 shelby list 4118 on it no more issues around corners smile.
How about $35 plus shipping which is the same price per edition as you got for the early ones? If the check does not come soon for the early ones... please let me know and I will send you a check for those also.

Do you have any POCA ones to part with? I am missing any before the year 2000 and I cant seem to find my ones from 2003- 2006.

If you have extra issues or are willing to part with any other editions or documentation... please send me a message with what you will part with and what you want for the lot and I will get back to you asap

I do have doubles of PI 117,119,and the 106 (0747) issues all are perfect

Go Judy for Pres...
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