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Although the picture that I posted is 500 X 330, I would suggest 480 X 360 because it fills the screen with the toolbars displayed and it is a common resizing choice in many of the editing programs. Full screen is usually 800 X 600.

I resize my sporty car club pictures to 480 X 360 and let them ask for the full size ones if they want them. My camera takes them at 1600 X 1200.
I'm one of the guilty ones who posted a photo that was 27 screens wide (sorry!) But just a question - the photos currently have a 300k limit, so a 250k file will still take X seconds to download on dialup, regardless of if it is a 480x360 or 1600X1200, it'll just have more or less resolution, correct?

480x360 looks like a convenient size for the reasons stated by Jim, but this should be independent of file size to some extent, isn't it? Are we confusing file size with image size?

(as a footnote, I've just completed reformatting my hard drive and am reloading all my software from scratch. When I have some photo editing software installed I'll see about reducing the image size a little and will re-load)
Reducing the image size does seem to reduce the file size.

Most of my pictures sized at 1600 X 1200 are about 335kb. It varies + or - 15kb.

When I resize them to 480 X 360 they run 30kb to 50kb - mostly around the 35kb to 40kb range. I did see one that I cropped and resized that came out 139kb.
Regarding image size and file size...

My camera takes 3 mega-pixel images, and the file size is often around 600,ooo bytes.

Loading it into Adobe Photoshop...I can shrink the physical size (in pixels) like 450X300.

I can also select the resolution (range from 1-12).

Taking a full size image, (600K) and then save it under the max resolution the file size GROWS !

So one can reduce file size by making the physical size smaller OR
By reducing the resolution OR both.

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