I am pretty sure the pistons I have are '74 stock Cobra Jet, so with closed chamber heads they will give you roughly 8.8:1 compression ratio.

Maybe take a different approach and state what you want to achieve from the engine and design what parts are optimal from there. A set of new pistons isn't overly expensive.
Peter Hi
we talk pump gas in Germany Super..not Super Plus, correct?
The motor sucks app >20 liters/100km, so you want to manage this somehow, correct?

are you building a race engine or a "dayly driver", you do not want detonations.. read VERY NICE PAPER from Geroge P. he got in there all the details you need ...AND use the spread sheet I sent you from Team member GOODROC to play with what you get/ a lot engine engineering to get it right IN THE FIRST PLACE, as you do not want to open up engine again to change cam or that sort of stuff...
In the excel sheet I got you, there are Trick flow heads (closed chamber) and cam from Crane...(see previous discussion..), and ref what I understand unless you go race 0.4...0.5 more static does not give you very much. The Team EXPERTS will tell you what it is, I guess 10 HP..

P.S.: Kevco pan came to Germany per USPS (did private shipment when I was over in the US) 86.50 USD the limit on what USPS ships...but worked...


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