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The forum software has a feature which allows posts to be automatically moderated, i.e. prevented from being posted publicly and therefore hidden from view. The post remains hidden until approved or edited by the admin (me). I only review the forums once or twice per day, I don't babysit the forums 24 hours per day. It has been beneficial to some degree to have the forums automatically moderated like this.

Moderation is based on a list of trigger words. My list currently contains 16 words. The moderated words include the worst "fowl language" (the F-bomb), plus certain sales, political and religious terms. And common variations of those words. My intent is to detect and block "name calling" and "labeling", arguments, heated emotions, liberal verses conservative rhetoric, or spamming. A couple of the political terms are "conservative" and "liberal", which I realize are terms that can be used in non-political ways.

This software has been in use for many years. It was a religious spammer which originally motivated me to put it into use. That was a long time ago. I check daily for posts that have been blocked for moderation, its very seldom that I find any. Perhaps a half dozen times per year. The moderation software has worked very well a few times. You'll notice the forums are troubled very little by spamming.

Unfortunately the software is not perfect. From time to time it has moderated posts that contain none of the 16 terms I've listed as moderation triggers. It somehow interprets some pairing of words within the post as being "similar" to a trigger word, but I've never been able to figure out where the problem is in those posts so I just approve them and send them on.

Your post is one such instance, it contained none of those trigger words, it has been approved "as-is".

The term "Larry" is not one of the trigger words. I promise.
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