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The windows in my cars are working well except that they are a little jumpy when going up or down.  I have traced it down to the spiral spring that is fundamental to the window regulator.  The springs have corrosion inside them and it causes them to bind and release many times when the windows are operated.  I can see it (and feel it) when the regulator is out of the car and the motor/gear is removed and then actuate the regulator manually.  I have tried several times to get them to operate smoothly without success.  I have taken the springs off and soaked them in phosphoric acid, soaked them ATF (automatic transmission fluid), and other methods.  Yet they still creak and bind.  I do not see the spiral spring on our vendor websites as an available part.  Has anyone encountered and resolved this problem?  Thank you.

The image above is just an example and not the actual spring for a Pantera.


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