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But... assuming you DO want to know, I get mine dirt cheap compared to the poor Brits. 98 octane (which isn't really 98, it's 98 RON, which is probably 93 American octane or so) is about 1.20 euros/liter in Spain.

With the current exchange rate, that's roughly $1.50 a liter. 4.4 liters in a gallon make it $6.60/gallon.

Either my math is wrong or Rapier's math is wrong, but it's a lot of money in either case!

In July I've got another 4500 kilometer road trip planned for the International DeTomaso meeting. Buy stock in oil companies now!!!!
Originally posted by Rapier:
A US gallon is 3.79 liters, an Imperial Gallon is 4.54 litres. So you are paying $5.69 per US gallon ($6.81 for a imperial gallon).

That sounds more correct. My cellphone converts units, if you can believe it, but it would appear to not do it very well! It had US gallon. The number didn't sound familiar, but the cellphone must be right, right?

I don't feel all that much better about ONLY paying $5.69 a gallon, but thanks for the correction!
Here in Ireland we are currently paying about 1.20 euro per liter, our roads are improving but still below average, with some stupidly low speed limits, our health system is pretty average too. I had to pay 10000 euro in duty to register my Pantera when I bought it 4 years ago, and any car with an engine over 3000cc capacity costs 1400 euro for annual road tax!! I sometimes wonder why I still live here!
I was wondering if anyone can report what the cost of ethanol fuel is? We had one report from the UK that it was 7% cheaper the gasolene.
I am in NY. I can't find one gas station that sells it.
I saw one TV article that said it would cost $.70 to $1.00 per gallon now.
Somehow if the oil companies are involved in that I would doubt that.
Can someone in the US confirm the pump prices?
Surely the opposite true, at least in the UK.
The government can tax the fuel however they want.
If they want to encourage use of Bio Ethanol they can tax it less.

We saw the opposite happen back in the 80s.
Diesel was cheap compared to unleaded, then diesel cars became very common, then the UK goverment put a huge increase in tax on diesel so it was more per gallon than unleaded.
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