Hello everyone,

First I want to thank you for the ad.

I'm working as a production assistant for Abyssal Process a Belgian movie company based in Brussels.

I’m writing regarding a very ambitious filming project called PHANTASM.

Sylvain Freyens (a trendy Director in Paris (Nespresso, Lancôme, Adidas), challenged us and himself to produce one of the most visually-insane experimental short film ever made.

The plot: A chase between a U.F.O and a black De Tomaso Pantera GT5 from 1982 in the mountains.

We accepted the challenge straight away. Because Sylvain is a genius in photography, but also because it’s about pushing the limits of filming skills, and creating a new visual experience.
We’ll use the newest technologies to make this movie.

Why the 1982 Pantera GT5 ? Just because Sylvain is totally in love with it. He never thought about any other car for this project.

The shooting is in October in the Abruzzo in Italy and for now, and we are looking for the perfect car.

Many partners and technicians have already given their support in services or financial support such as:
- Transpalux (With Luc Besson’s Key Grip)
- Kodak (We’ll shoot in 35mm/Cinema)
- Panavision
- Mathematic (n°1 French PostProduction and VFX)
We also work with specialized transportation companies for luxury vehicles.

Regarding all these informations, if you think you can help me finding this beautifull car, feel free to contact me. I’ll be pleased to answer your questions.

Thank you again for adding me in your group, I totally fall in love with de DeTomaso cars during my research.
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