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Following a lead has culminated in my purchase of 4397, which has been stored since 2005, after tear down, by the individual I bought it from. Obviously, restoration did not occur. The only entry in the PROVO registry is a sales ad published in an August 1978 issue of Road & Track offering the car for sale by J. D. Watters of Visalia, Calif. (Just an address) As I progress with restoration, and entry in the registry, just curious if anyone may know the history of the vehicle. The gentleman I purchased it from bought the car in Az. in the spring of 2005 and is searching his records for previous owner(s). The registry ad states it had 11,0000 miles when advertised in 1978 and it now has just over 56,000 miles, so it was driven some in the 27 years from 1978 to 2005. Visible markings on the car are the vinyl decals on the side and the louvers cut in the hood.
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