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I recollect this has been done before, but searched the forum and couldn't find it. 

I'm redoing my brakes, front and rear, got a smoking deal on new Centric Premium High Carbon Performance Vented rotors, these are the copies of the Mustang Vented rotor, but do not have the hub integrated into the rotor as so many sold now do (thanks Mike Drew). On the front it's a bolt on swap to a quality vented rotor, same size, no changes to the wheel studs.

Now I'm thinking about getting another set of these rotors for the rear, but don't recall if there were issues with installation? Anyone done this?

Once I get the rotor swapped out, I plan on getting the Sac Restorations Wilwood Brake Caliper kit and will likely keep the factory rear brakes for the E-brake.

Thanks in advance.


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 I have installed mustang rotors on all four corners of 2511. The Mustang  rotor is actually a little larger than the front OEM rotor but that was not a problem on my car. The Mustang rotor is smaller than the rear OEM rotor and on my installation resulted in the brake pads actually overhanging the rotor edge. This results in part of the brake pad not contacting the rotor and thus some reduction of braking force. 

 In time it also means there will be a little ledge at the outside of the brake pads, and I have dealt with this by occasional removal of the pads to sand them flat.

 2511 does not use the stock brakes but was fitted by Dennis Quella with Wilwood super light II calipers using his adapter mounts. 

Perhaps the SACC  kit does not create this rear overlap problem. You might ask Scott  for specific feedback on his conversion brackets. 


Scott does a very thorough job of developing his brake kits and supplies very high quality parts. The previous owner of my car had sourced his own brake parts and also bought some adapters from SACC. He had purchased the wrong part numbers. Scott was extremely helpful in sorting out the mess and supplied the correct parts at competitive prices. BTW, his calipers adapters are robust and properly designed.

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