My 73 Pantera's trunk tub is a single piece insert. When the insert is removed you can see 6 holes with plastic caps inside like the one in the attachment. I don't see how a dzus fastener would attach to it. The previous owner had new felt install in the insert and covered any holes in the body of the insert.  When I got the car the insert would just set in the rear and you closed the lid. Anyone have a picture of how it should work.



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Unless you are trying to return the car to totally original I would not worry too much about these. The tub cannot magically fly out while driving down the road so those fasteners really didn’t serve a lot of purpose from the beginning.

Replacements for all components are available but, as is often the case, more expensive than you might like them to be. 



You are missing one component to the original system. The locking base "plate" that is pop riveted to the body. That's what those two 1/8" holes in the body are for.

I'm not sure but these may be unique to Panteras?

At some point ( I don't know when) a plastic plug was introduced to close the bottom of the center large hole. I've asked around but most have no clue on it. They aren't on pre-L cars and most L's.

I think that the plastic plug was another of the '74 model changes/additions.

If you are intent on installing the original hardware, King here has the parts new or used that you need. He is also know as barbaram442 on ebay.

For the sake of discussion, there are other ways of attaching the tub.

True that many are just riding around with the tub just set into place. The tub has the well deserved reputation of warping to the point that the original mounting points will no longer line up if run without the fasteners.

That point right there is more likely the reason so many owners are running with the thing unfastened. The reality is that it doesn't really need to be, maybe just dowels sitting in the holes would be sufficient, but that's not what you asked.

Inquire with King for original parts, new or used.

If you are looking for other solutions, I can show you what I did, but it's not stock.

Pantera Dzus fasteners


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You're missing the dzus plates that are riveted to the body over those holes.  It's the plate that the dzus fastener locks into with a quarter turn.

Just to close out the discussion on the plastic cups (OBTW - I agree with everything said above)….

The little cup were a Ford update published as a Technical Service Bulletin on 08-03-73.

As Doug mentioned, "King" had some NOS ones.  I think the originals are a yellow plastic color.

You can also get similar PPG plastic cups from good Body and Paint shops.  They fit right into the existing factory holes (and aren't discolored like 45 year old ones that have been installed in a car are).



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Dzus (pronounced Zeus) is a commom quick release non structural aviation fastener used on plates that are often remove. There are numerous options so you have to look at a application chart. On my car the stud retaining rings were missing so the studs would fall out when released but I had some.

Note the grip length of the stud may vary due to thickness of the material being fastened so you have to pay attention to stud location. Light pressure and a quarter turn should engage / release it. If not chances are the stud is too short. When properly installed they work great.

Aircraft Spruce usually has a good selection and the needed app. Chart. Not too expensive .

The thing that slightly annoys me is that I have to remove the tub to check the oil level.


Call me lazy, but I have removed/preserved/stored safely away all 12 of my tub's fidgety dzus fasteners, found some plastic plugs of the correct size, used a dab of silicone adhesive on them to cover the holes, then added a couple of strategically placed drawer pulls to make removing/replacing the tub quicker/easier/less painful.

Your mileage and/or adhesion to strictly stock may vary............IMG_1073-1IMG_1076-1IMG_1076-3


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The thing that slightly annoys me is that I have to remove the tub to check the oil level.


That shouldn't be necessary.  In Ron's picture you can see the yellow handle for the dipstick behind the trunk tub.  You merely pull it out straight back in a slightly upward direction to just clear the top front edge of the trunk tub.  Installation is the reverse.




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