I am very sorry to say that Mike O'Neill passed away yesterday at home with his family after a long battle with cancer. Mike's wife Linda emailed me today with the sad news.

Mike was known on this forum as 69goose and recently posted the pictures of his beautiful burgundy Mangusta chassis no 8MA-1302.

Mike was an Australian airline pilot and managed to come and visit me at my workshop in the South West of England approx 4 years ago to buy some Ghia badges. He was friendly, intelligent, gentleman-like and super knowledgeable on Mangustas.

Rest in peace Mike O'Neill - we will miss you.

Johnny .
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That is very sad news indeed. I am glad that he did at least get the restoration finished and was able to enjoy driving his beautiful car, if all too briefly. My sincere condolences to Mike's family, and thanks to Johnny for letting us all know.

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