Dear Friends, wich tires do you use for race ?
Original Goodyear tire size was 5.50/15.30-15
I cant find something
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That tire nomenclature doesn't make any sense; are you sure it is not 530/1500-15? Do you need a vintage treaded tire or slick? What size rim, narrow body or GP4?

Here in the US Roger Kraus Racing supplies many of the vintage racers, maybe look through the offerings to find something close?
As Joules states, it depends on your setup (with/rim etc).

I'm running, Goodyear; 23.5x10.5R16 front and 25.5x14.0R16 rear.
Took me some time to hunt down a reseller in Europe, but eventually found Goodyear in Germany - Super fast, good inventory and in stock.
Attached the original tires size.
I have 15 inch basset wheels.
In Europe it is verry hard to get race tires for 15 inch wheels.
What race tires do you drive on 15 inch wheels ?


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I think the old nomenclature translates to front 23.0/11.5-15 and rear 26.0/15-15 which are not common sizes anymore.

23.0/10.5-15 would be good on the front and 26.0/15-15 on rear. Avon make these sizes

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