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Well that's just great ...

I hard-wired in the Valentine V1 and I have been BLOWN AWAY with how many radar traps are out here in AB. The good news about laser traps is that they only catch you as you pass them by - so you just have to stomp the breaks and hope you don't get the dreaded letter in the mail.

The rural municipalities surrounding Calgary have all bucked up to staff a force of Sherrifs - and these dudes are only concerned with writing notes (as opposed to protecting the peace). Bad news is they are using Instant On, meaning my V1 is useless if I'm not in a pack of cars. Good news is that Instant On is the easiest speeding ticket to beat in court (as the technology has known flaws), although it will take several hundred dollars to do so.

The cat-and-cop game continues ...

The guys in the plane will be coordinating with patrol cars on the ground. They are really looking for the 50KPH over guys and agressive drivers. So...yes you will know when you are caught. I think it might be easy to beat if two officers have to go to court to give evidence. The one timing in the plane and the one who hopefully (or not) pulled over the right car.

Funny thing is that I have a portable aircraft anti-collision device that gives range, altitude and bearing info of the nearest 3 planes based on the other planes transponder. I use it when flying in congested areas. Good news it is not a "radar detector" so totally legal. It will squawk at me if there is a plane as close as he would have to be (less than 1/2 mile is really close in the air) See picture below. The system is tracking 2 aircraft. The closest is 2.9 miles to your relative right and 500 feet above. The second is 3 miles to the left and 700 feet below (hopefully you never see this driving on the road...means he crashed and made a 700 foot deep smokin hole).

To date when I have driven with this it was just for amusement. Now I have a reason when going up the 400 highway. I would expect the tell tale signs to be a target less than .5 miles behind me and not changing much (slow close rate given they can fly that Cessna 208 at about 85mph with flaps down)and an altitude of about 2000 ft above. This is going to be fun.


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