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I have removed my original radiator and fans and am replacing it with a Fluidyne aluminum radiator and slimmer more powerful fans.  Does anyone know if removing the stock front fans' assembly bracket would negatively affect any structural integrity on the front of the car?  Could it result in a cowl shake of any sort, or twisting on the front of the car?  It seems to be very sturdy, having been welded to the top and bottom of the grille opening, so might it have a purpose other than just holding the fans?  I don't know, so I thought it would be better to seek some wisdom before cutting off anything of structural importance.  Thank you in advance.


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...I cut mine out years ago. NO Noticeable Negative affect! I forgot about it soon after. Really cleans up the Nose area and the View from the front of the car. If you do not plan to ever use the original fan motor 'Style'...Go For it!! You will not regret it. Fact is, if you plan to 'lay the radiator Down', you are forced to remove them out of the way.


I'm using the Ron Davis radiator with puller fans on the inside.  I'm not 100% sure but I think the majority of those using aftermarket radiators are using puller fans.

I'm in Arizona and haven't had any overheating issues yet.

Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in.  There are many forum discussions about this topic if you do a search.




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