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...No. Just use your imagination.

These go under the Nose of a Vehicle.

I just refuse to describe it as what everybody else calls them.

These are in Aluminum Plate 3/16" Too Heavy, but Beefy...The lower one, was to go under a Trans-Am Firebird, but is Universal to any Vehicle One pleases.

The Upper one  is in Aluminum Sheet 1/8" and is Much Lighter. This one will be mounted under the Nose of My Pantera, in a Mounting that fixes at a Minimum Ground Clearance Of 4"...but can 'relieve' and Rise/'ROLLER-Over' Obstacles, such as Speed bumps and uneven pavement and driveways. Look at the Newer Lamborghinis, where they use Support Rods. Most of this plate is under the Pantera Nose. Only 5" Protrudes Forward.

It is meant to scoop more air into the radiator. Yes, and keep the nose down at speed.

I Designed it, I Name It! as in 'razor BLADE'

Thank You


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