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AAF9A939-1283-4D0E-8A6D-441C5554D21EFA48D8DC-AEAE-48C8-B2C5-D46FF0BDD9FAF640B1B6-1F9C-4182-BAB5-A586BA61FE69BCA7F98C-B58A-4541-BFF5-F94EB107CBBF063B3024-4CFA-4599-BFD7-F98C9113AFEEB3988B72-8AA1-4F82-A447-BCB2809C89FFDBC33096-C2F6-49A9-8FBC-B8F0851A633AA16A6FDA-907F-49DE-9B3E-707F4E42C52A063B3024-4CFA-4599-BFD7-F98C9113AFEEDBC33096-C2F6-49A9-8FBC-B8F0851A633AReal US spec GTS with GT in the vin number-less then 90 ever produced for US market and only the US ones  had GT in the vin number. Restored to the cost of over $250,000.By Hatfield Restorations in Canton Texas- restorer of Pebble Beach concourse cars. One of the nicest in existence. The underside looks just like the outside .Silver /black ,modified 351 Cleveland ,500 hp at the Dyno . Also includes original 351 Cleveland restored and on a stand for show. Rare original GTS wheels included.Best of everything .This car was a Concourso Italiano winner in the modified category a few years back.I need to downsize my four Pantera collection and this is the nicest one I have . 189000 $  call 727-967-3144 anytimeFA48D8DC-AEAE-48C8-B2C5-D46FF0BDD9FAB3988B72-8AA1-4F82-A447-BCB2809C89FFA16A6FDA-907F-49DE-9B3E-707F4E42C52A


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  • AAF9A939-1283-4D0E-8A6D-441C5554D21E
  • F640B1B6-1F9C-4182-BAB5-A586BA61FE69
  • A16A6FDA-907F-49DE-9B3E-707F4E42C52A
  • BCA7F98C-B58A-4541-BFF5-F94EB107CBBF
  • DBC33096-C2F6-49A9-8FBC-B8F0851A633A
  • FA48D8DC-AEAE-48C8-B2C5-D46FF0BDD9FA
  • B3988B72-8AA1-4F82-A447-BCB2809C89FF
  • 063B3024-4CFA-4599-BFD7-F98C9113AFEE
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