I just realized that my rear brake pads are beyond worn out and I have scored the rotor on the left side.  This may sound stupid,  but can I remove the rotor without disassembling the rear suspension?  Is there an instruction somewhere that will tell me how to remove this rotor?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Bruce Holmes


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To remove the rotor you need to remove the upright and press the stub axle out of the housing. It is not too difficult if you have access to the right tools. It would be prudent to get new bearings and rebuild the unit whilst in there. 

Chuck and Joules:

I have disassembled both the left and right assemblies and ordered the appropriate parts including bushings, bearings, new rear calipers, etc.  What I am missing is a new left rear rotor as the parking brake hung up resulting in a badly scored rotor.  Any idea where I can obtain a reasonably priced new or used rotor?

My rear camber appears okay to the naked eye but should I have the car realigned once I complete this task?

Thank you for your assistance including directing me to the ProvaMo site.  I will let you know when I have 4236 back on the road.   Bruce




I'm not sure what cross reference there is currently for a new rotor. Larry Stock (Pantera Parts Connection, Carson City NV) usually has a selection of used or resurfaced stock rotors.

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