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Does the wider of the two dust boot retaining rings go on the outside (towards rotor) of the caliper or the inside (parking brake side)? The Pantera Place rebuild states "The narrow ring goes on the inside boot and the wide on the outside boot." When I took my calipers apart, the narrow dust boot retaining ring was on the outside towards the rotor and the wide retaining ring was on the inside. What way is correct? Please advise. Thanks.

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Mr Lee, I've found flat retainer rings installed both ways on OEM (read, incredibly scabby) rear calipers. in addition, all the rebuild kits now use round wire retainer rings everywhere. On some caliper bodies, the smaller flat ring or the round rings tend to pop loose before they take a set, so if you're having that problem, use the wider ring at that point (after wire brushing it clean). IMHO, any boot retainer that holds on tight is better than the alternative.

I found the Centric 143.10000 is a good kit. Rubber parts made in UK. Good fit. Comes with the round clips, but the groove will accept the stock flat narrow retainer ring. No boot slippage. On eBay at about $10 per side.

Still required is a 9/16 OD, 7/16 ID (1/16" section) brake fluid friendly O-ring to seal the e-brake actuator bit inside the indirect piston.

Replacement pistons were a bit of a chore to find. The other internal bits seem to be unobtainium.

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