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It should take about 3-1/2 cans.Some cans will be marked 16oz. Others 14. So the weight is almost irrelevant.

You need to put a thermometer in one of the output registers. Probably the coldest you will get is about 40 degrees.

It is best to verify that the receiver drier is not full of water. There is a drain plug hidden on the bottom of it's tank.

I'd recommend that you also use a system vacuum pump and maybe leave it connected overnight to verify that it holds vacuum before you charge it.

The difference between R12 and 134a is going to be that low temp.

R-12 capable of about 36-7 degrees.

It charges like every other Ford A/C system does. Connect to the suction valve on the compressor. You can use the sight glass on the drier but better to use an a/c gauge/manifold.

Put a gauge (like the one you use to measure the temp of meat being cooked) in one of the output grates and charge until the temp gets down to 40 or so. Simple really.

Best to use an evacuation pump to test the integrity of the components in the system before you install the refrigerant. Otherwise it might all leak out.

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