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Reduced Price - 12/26/2015

An original AmeriSport Industries GSX Low Profile wing with third (LED) stoplight. Never installed, still with original packaging. Ready for fit, paint and stoplight installation.

$499.95 with FREE shipping to the lower 48 continental US states.

First one to PayPal wins.

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It is by far one of the most subtle yet sporty wings out there, and the fact it matches the contours of the decklid just enhances its appeal. For me it's the coolest wing out there.

I've simply decided it's not going on my car in order to avoid drilling holes in a good decklid.

The entire car may be for sale soon.
Asa Jay
Originally posted by king:
$175. including shipping????

If that was on offer, it is to laugh.

The price is $499 with shipping -included- in that price to the 48 contiguous US states. (sorry, no Alaska, Hawaii or international.)

Check shipping charges... that's a pretty good deal in the US.

If it continues as a no-sale, I will remove the add and exercise other "plans" for it. No big deal.


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