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Originally posted by shotgungrooms:
I will be removing front trunk and rear deck lids for painting touch ups,,,

Front trunk,,, Should I remove the bolts from the lid itself or the bolts from the car side ,,,?

Rear lid,,, Remove the bolts or can you pull the pin out ,,, ?

Front: For alignment purposes I'd remove the bolts from the car side.
Rear: Once again, for alignment purposes I'd pull the pin. By the way, I have some SS bolts with nylock nuts that replace the pins. You can have them if you're interested.
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Originally posted by Jim:
On the rear, I pulled the pins. One of my pins works it's way out anyways, so I have to drive it back in every few hundred miles.

I have not had the front off, so someone else will have to advise on that.

I have some SS bolts and nylock nuts for the hinges so you won't have to worry about the pin backing out. They're yours for the asking.
Just as a side note, when removeing my front trunk I take out four of the bolts on the lid,two on each side, close the lid and then remove the last one from each side from the grill area. If you have an extension you can only get to one of the bolts on either side. Then you can just lift the lid out of the way. When you replace the lid you can align it just the way you want, put in the two bolts and lift the lid to install the other two in each side.
I see from your last post that you're heading for Topeka this weekend. I live in Topeka & if your SCCA event is going on all weekend I may be able to come out on Sunday & visit with you while you're in town. Was just out on the road course @ Heartland Park last weekend with the Kansas City Porsche Club guys & love any kind of sportscar event, so let me know how to contact you when you're in town.

Bob Radefeld #5042
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