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Note that this appears, by the pictures posted, to be the body section. If interested in this book you should also inquire if it includes the chassis/engine/brakes etc sections.

If not, it's not worth much! IMHO. The chassis portion lists the manufacturer, and sometimes the OEM part numbers. The body section is all Ghia, and no interchange is noted so is little help in determining cross referencing to other vehicles where the parts may have been used.

Still nice to page thru every once in a while.

I have one, and I purchased it from Steve (Pantera Parts) or someone else about 3 years ago. I agree that it has lots of good information, but it is more of a parts book than a workshop book. I do not see it on the Hall site, but I would go to them first, only because I think it was $60 when I purchased it.
Have it in front of me, and yes a parts breakdown is a better term than workshop manual. As far as saying it is not worth much? It's for sale on's worth whatever it sells for? I just listed it and there you go. I have a MINT condition owners manual and sales brochure protected in plastic, so both brand new condition. Trying to determine if manual is a reprint. Can you experts confirm its pedigree and let me know if anyone is interested in acquiring it? Miss my Mangusta, but sold it to buy a homeSmiler
Again, if what you have is simply the body book by Ghia, it has little value in terms of using it to do anything to your car.... The information is pretty basic, and the parts with part numbers mean only something to the factory....which is pretty much boiled into the ground at this point. A new version of these was reprinted not that long ago.

Most of these are reprints of originals.....with the "red car" cover as yours has. I forget the name of the books.....but that picture was from that particular book.

The chassis book I have is dogeared with use in contrast!! I think I've looked at my body book about three times.....and then found out I was missing pages when I had the chance to review another!

Owner's manual: It has perceived value. These were definitely reprinted.... I would expect an original to have aged around the edges from being tossed around in the glove box etc. Too clean? Probably a reprint. Check the back cover for dates??? Hall logo? Smiler As for the manual itself, it is useless. Read it and see. It's good for telling you that you have a V8 with spark plugs of a certain type.......and that is about it. I had to laugh when I first read thru mine! No where does it tell you about the 7 switches you have on your dash or how you need to open up the entire car to turn on the heater...or off!!!

Now, where you may have value, is in the sales brochure! There are several flavors....of color versions....a 4 pager and a many more than 4 pages version! I think there is 8-12 pages in one of them with just about every color of car that DeT made. These multi page brochures are very difficult to find in super great condition and can bring some very good lira! The only other one that is very unique is the homologation report. Those are cool, but mostly in Italian! These will not tell you much about your car, but they have great old pictures and such!!! There they have great value!

Good luck on your sales!
Originally posted by Mangusta:
Hopefully someone will chime in here that actually has an original, that can check for any dates etc on the covers...... I know Ford had dates on their books....but this was Italy....!

NICE looking book!

thanks Steve...anyone recognize this 'version'??

also, keeping it rolling, now offering this original sales brochure in really nice condition if anyone collects this stuff?
That is a beautiful B&W brochure that Qvalle put out for the San Francisco dealership! Note the pictures of the boats and the SF Bay in the background! The same picture on the cover ended up on postcard sized bits, and I think also in print in various ads.

DeT also had official color brochures in two sizes that I am aware of a couple of pages and the other 8 or so...
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