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I decided to attach the sill portion with bolts drilling slightly oversized holes in the brace and then tapping the holes in the native rocker sill.  I trimmed the edges to fit as perfectly as I could, filled underside contact areas w/panel bonding epoxy (E6000), then put the bolts in.  I welded the shafts of the bolts and cut them flush with the brace before completing the welds around the bolts, edges at the fore/aft frame bars, and along the floor pan portion.


Images (5)
  • 042A9E65-414A-4346-BB9B-8984F8B76369: Bolts place
  • 5977CB6C-0AEE-4687-86F7-87AC7ECA1311: Welded bolt shafts
  • EBE10184-406D-42FE-B6A2-452345E37B9B: Cut flush and ground down
  • 91EEA393-4F71-4EC1-B1F5-4C6DCCC22F48: Ends stitch welded to frame
  • 801B542F-2028-4715-A85C-BC2516B19248: Painted w/POR-15

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