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After 4 long years, I was finally reunited with my Pantera about an hour ago.  She is so beautiful!  And though there are a few little things that still need sorting, the cat has come home.  Sunday, she goes to French/Italian Car Show in Van Nuys, and then I'll take her back next week for the last few little details.  Just happy to see her home again.

DSCF8719 (640x480)DSCF8729 (640x480)DSCF8725 (640x480)DSCF8731 (640x480)


Images (4)
  • DSCF8719 (640x480): picking up from paint/detailer
  • DSCF8729 (640x480): pulling into my driveway
  • DSCF8725 (640x480): new interior
  • DSCF8731 (640x480): what a rear end!
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Took the old cat to Supercar Sunday, this weekend, and finally took a few pictures of the interior.  The car attracted quite a bit of attention and was parked next to a Lambo and a McLaren.  Most people were startled by the noise when I left.  It is very loud.  When I got home, forum member Riley, who it turns out lives less than five minutes from me and who is thinking about adding a Pantera to his arsenal, came by the house to take my car out for a ride just to see what it's like.  He has a beautiful black C-7 Corvette Gran Sport (I believe) with beautiful wheels.  Handed him the keys and told him to take it for a spin.  He told me he dreamt about the sound, it made such an indelible impression.  I'm sure it won't be long before he joins up.DSCF8887 [800x600)DSCF8871 [800x600)DSCF8873 [800x600)DSCF8866 [800x600)


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  • DSCF8866 (800x600)
  • DSCF8873 (800x600)
  • DSCF8871 (800x600)
  • DSCF8887 (800x600)
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Beautiful looking resto.  I am glad you finally have it back. 

I must say though, IMHO...  I think you are missing a critical Tjaarda styling detail with body colored gills.  The black was a statement - it's something you notice from 300 yards away...

Anyway - my $.02. 

Enjoy your car, and good for you for showing it off.  It's a great example of the marque.



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