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I recently purchased a large lot of used parts and among them is this black-chrome-finished shift gate with a hinged, reverse lock-out feature. Reported to have been purchased at the factory many years ago.

As the photo shows, some of the fingers are definitely showing wear and the finish is worn. The metal finishing on the piece leaves a lot to be desired, with many machine marks still visible.
I am considering installing it on 2511, but I would have it properly prepared and chromed, and likely remove the fingers as that is what I have grown accustomed to during the last 18 years.
Is this a collectible piece of notable value to a restorer? I enjoy the reality that each of us is free to create our own version of a better pantera, but I also believe in preserving items of notable interest.
Your thoughts are solicited.

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When I was autocrossing the blue car every weekend, we made a simple lockout of 1/4" aluminum that simply pivoted on a longer upper left gate screw. Quick & easy, no hinge or drilling. As OEM, the gate chrome plating is MUCH harder than the shift stick steel so unless you dremel the gate slots very smooth, your shift-stick can be badly damaged. I've seen them break and replacements are very hard to find!  I TIG-ed a significant depression in our stick with stainless steel weld. Once smoothed & buffed, the repair is almost invisible.

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