Anyone have a right (passenger) headlight you would part with? I only need the two pieces shown in the pic, but if you want to move the whole assembly, I would consider that also. Thanks


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I can see the black bucket piece has rust damage, but the headlight bucket doesn’t appear to be beyond repair or seriously rusted.

Can you clarify the condition of the bucket in the photo if it is the one you’re replacing?

I have a black housing piece you can have for free and have a damaged RH bucket.

Thanks Larry! Yes, the bucket could be repaired. It's just that I am pushing to get my car out to the body & paint shop SOON, and I could use one less thing to mess with.

I will certainly take you up on the bulb support housing, and reimburse your shipping cost.

Here are some better pics of the housing. See if yours is in better or worse shape .. (see the photo album - next post)
That bucket is, more or less, fine.

IF you can find one in better condition, you would be lucky to purchase it for less than $300.

I shopped for buckets for 2511 repairs, and $700 each was not uncommon.

Asking prices not necessarily selling prices, but still.....

One thing about the underside of a bucket, you will never see it while in use.

And passer-bys will never see it at a show unless you have the buckets up.

I'd fix what you have and move on.


Send me your address in a PM.

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