Just wondering how all you guys keep your cars so pristine? I have read a lot about some cars never seeing water or being dry washed or chamoised, so what do you do about bug juice. Here on the Canadian prairies, any summer jaunt on the highway results in major bug rash that gets backed on by the time the trip ends. Are there no bugs in the US or eastern Canada? LOL!
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Colin, Canada just isn't the right environment for trying to keep a car pristine. Out here the big problem is left over winter gravel knocking the paint off and busting up your windshield!
Keep driving, the bugs wash off.
Doug M
I use a detailing spray and microfiber towels to de-bug my car.

A fresh coat of your favourite finish a few times per season will make it easier to remove the bugs when the time comes.
DuPont Bug and Tar remover. A small dab on a microfiber cloth and some light rubbing and wala there gone. I like it because it doesnt take alot of elbow grease to get even the most stubbon bug off the car...just keep the area damp with the cleaner.
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Just wondering how all you guys keep your cars so pristine?

My secret: keep it in the garage and never drive it! Big Grin

Actually, if you drive as slow as I do, bugs are rarely a problem. roll on floor

But the suggestions above are certainly good ones.

A good wax on the car, and RainX on the glass makes the clean-up sooo much easier

Garth, Speed doesn't always work some times the bug_gers are big.


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The only kind of 'bugs' that could do that kind of damage to a windshield would be Bugs Bunny! We're not talking about him I hope. (Are we?)

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