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I am picking up my new Pantera, and am bring it down Nevada Highway 95. Vegas is about 1/2 way.

Any suggestions about the trip? I am actually a little worried about where to park it overnight - not sure if Vegas is the best place to stop, or not.

Ideas / Suggestions appreciated. I will post up pictures when I arrive in Tucson.

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What Reno Pantera did you buy? When are you coming to pick it up?

I did Phoenix to Reno straight with just gas stops when I picked up the GT5, a 12 hour drive.
Realistically Vegas is about as far as you want to go in a Pantera in one day. Rooms are cheap and hotels usually have secure parking, worth calling around to be sure.

Cool, that is Neil's car. I took all the photos and listed it on Hemmings for him as he's not computer literate.

He is quite a way south of Carson, a good hour from Reno, so that will cut your Vegas drive time.

Congratulations, you got a good solid car
Yes - Neil is the seller. His attention to detail, and having the complete knowledge of the car's history is what sold me on it. He really takes care of it - I feel like I am lucky to have the opportunity to own it.

I brought a "gearhead" friend of mine for the initial look - his opinion: "You should buy it - it's a good 'honest' car..."

Plus after the road test..... I was pretty much hooked.

Thanks -

Made it back - had a great trip.

Started in Topaz Lake (south of Carson City), took Highway 95 through Nevada, down to Las Vegas.

Spent the night at the Mt. Charleston Lodge up Kyle Canyon. Saw lots of deer (actually, nearly hit one - it ALMOST jumped in front of me).

Then went down through Vegas to Kingman, Wickenburg, Phoenix and home to Tucson.

It was a great trip.

Look forward to meeting everyone at future events.


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Welcome to Pantera ownership Rocky. You got a really nice car and took some beautiful pics along the way. The best way to post multiple photos is to use links to an on-line photo server like Photobucket or something similar. There isn't any other way to upload multiple photos to a post on the forum.

Congratations on the car.

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