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I have some Gen 1 Audi 50/Golf Rocker panels for sale, both sides. These are used by the Swedish Pantera club to do rocker panel restoration on a Pantera.

You can't use the whole panel, just parts, so if you need a new rocker panel these won't work for you. However if you just need to replace parts of the rocker, particulary behind the doors, these can work. The curvature and dimensions are very close to the pantera, even the drain holes at the bottom.

I bought with the intention of using on my car, unfortunatly for me, the rocker damage on 1536 was severe and I needed to replace the whole rocker panel on my car. So my loss is your gain.

I paid about 200 dollars for these, panels are still in excellent shape. I will take offers. These will go up on EBAY at some point if there are no takers, I just wanted to give the board members a first shot.



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