I've just  read on Facebook Detomaso cars & parts for sale this news:

After 30 years, we decided to end the DeTomaso business. Last customers restauration is nearly finished, after that no more work on these beauties except in a private hobby way. Parts will be sold out. The DeTomaso Parts Center Europe will close its doors end of 2019. The workshop for these cars is already closed down. If any one is interested to take over my stock, let me know. It is still well filled with tons of De Tomaso parts.

Thank you very much for supporting me all the years.

Roland Jaeckel,

DeTomaso Parts Center Europe

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Dear Roland,

           Ach du Lieber!!   I am sorry to hear the news.  Best wishes for 2019 and 2020.


                         Warmest regards,  Chuck Engles


...do not tell me you are tired to support the nice CAT!! 

..full appreciation over the last years since I got the big  cat.. all your supplied stuff works nicely now.

...need some more!!!

Dr. Ing. Matthias Grützner


I saw this comming, when i visited him last year. As far i understood, he needs space for his growing car repair shop for modern cars and more time to manage it. I saw his stock and can say it is very big. Tons of parts. The DT business is a one man show, it is him. He always has a good advice, when it comes to this cars. His knowledge is amazing. His business will be truely missed.

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