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A very good day to you all,

I am currently working on Goose 834 with a full resaurtion.
This project was delivered to us in parts, after doing an inventory I found out that several parts are missing.
Most of the parts I was able to find and buy new.
The brake discs I have not been able to find yet.
Now I have Goose 846 as an example here, where I can take over a lot of sizes.
The question remains whether there is a difference between brake disc sizes for the production period of the car.
Does anyone have concrete info on this?
and is there a model car that shares the discs with the mangusta,or were these rotors made specifically for the Goose?

Then I have a question about the cars windshields.
in the 834 with euopean specs there is still the oem windshield from the VIS company.
But in the 846 with US specs is a saint Gobain windshield mounted.
Is this specific to the US specs or is saint gobain known to have supplied a replacement windshield over the years?

Greetings From The Netherlands,

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I do not know it as a fact. I am just speculating. Some of the Pantera brake technology  came from the '65 Mustang. At least after Ford took a direct involvement.

I would not be shocked at all if the brake rotor for the Mangusta happened to be the same or fit the base '65 Mustang with the four bolt wheels and hubs.

I am not that familiar with the base '65 Mustang that would have had the four bolt wheels and hubs but it is possible that they were for drum brakes only?

Even if that is the source or similar enough to fit the 'goose, much of those rotors no longer exist as originally manufactured.

The current producers of them have combined what was once a seperate hub and seperate rotor, into one piece. Whether or not that will fit the Mangusta spindles and bearings is a complete unknown.

The reason that I mention all of this is that it may give you a starting point on where to find the parts that you need for the brakes? If not, it was worth a shot?

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Hi Martin, John Freeth of Performance Braking in UK has designed and made me discs / rotors for my Mangusta.  John used to run Girling Race Dept. top guy. I'm not sure whether he did my front or rears or both  as well, I will need to check with garage on Monday if the fronts were replaced.  Somewhere I have the specification for you to check.  f you contact John tell him you want the same as he made for Larry Tucker (me).  I also had a company in UK make a close ratio steering rack if you want details


(Anything else message me)

'Gooses got a number of different brakes. Some had big aluminum Girlings on all 4 corners same as 427 Shelby Cobras. Others got similar iron calipers. One '69 Mangusta belonging to a friend had iron calipers and tiny 9" OD solid discs in the rear!  One owner said he thought 'DeTomaso used whatever he could find to get cars out the door!'

So don't worry too much about 'concours-correct'; no one now alive knows what was actually- stock 55 yrs ago. DeTomaso wasn't much for paperwork or records. Now, if you want to actually drive the thing semi-hard, find some aluminum Girlings & be prepared for the price!  Make new top links with double heims for the rear suspension and check the front subframes for stress cracks.

Seems like Girling would be a good starting point since they made the calipers. As far as the windshields, I recall reading that the ones with the internal antenna were thinner...  I see them on ebay regularly for $1,900

There is likely a brake manufacturer like Wilwood or such that could make you rotors if you sent them the specs.


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As I can tell, the 2 piston Alloy calipers were used up to around ~8ma1060, and afterwards the balance of 3 piston iron calipers took over. I don't know how to explain this, since the 3 piston fronts were common for years and used on Maserati/Lambo...

Lucky thing on the spindles/stub axles and the commonality with Fiat 1300/1500/125...but the rest of the pieces seem unique to the Goose...Lee

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Curious about those rotors that John Freeth supplied, thinking they might be a custom solution like the one in this photo (two piece design with a custom 'hat' section).

Regarding the two OEM versions Denis mentioned.....was chatting with the owner of 8MA1006 recently and learned that his car has the early 2-piece rotor setup. My car (8MA1010) has the later 1-piece setup.  Since each version requires a different rear axle (and front hub, or course), that's probably how both these cars left the factory.   But who knows if the switchover was this clean...i think safe to say the supplies of the original 2-piece solution were getting pretty slim when 8MA1000 was rolling off the line....

Here are measured dimensions from the 1-piece rotors on #1010. 

Front 11.5“ dia x 0.550”  (per DeTomaso: 292 x 14mm) 

Rear 11.0“ dia x 0.490”   (per DeT: 280 x 12.5mm but "268 mm" is sometimes listed - - maybe that's for the earlier version?)

Overall heights/thickness = 2.56" (front) & 2.61" (rear).

NO idea about the early rotor dimensions.  Does anyone have info & photo of an early factory rotor unbolted from it's cast hub btw?  Regards, Nate


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  • 8MA580 front susp

On the subject of the Freeth discs, I see from his invoice he did both front and rear for me, (car is currently being trimmed so not with me) but think these were as per originals, ie solid discs no grooves.  They were around £250  plus tax (which is nil for export but plus import and local taxes) so that's currently circa $300 - 310 plus taxes.  These are 2019 prices.

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