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B2A75EB9-B914-42DD-8BDB-EFD6647EFA66B46E8D00-57F7-4DCE-AFC3-EB1B8ED4F23FIn March 2021 this car was offered for sale on eBay. Seller provided these photos in response to an inquiry but did not include these photos with the auction photos.

The reinforcement to the front and rear of this car’s undercarriage is not stock nor does it appear to be professionally installed.

it is very likely these repairs were undertaken as a Band-Aid approach to fixing serious rust issues on this chassis.

note the entire bottom of the front valance is absent, perhaps the seller ran out of undercoating to spray on it after dowsing the rest of the entire underside of this car  

buyer should beware for this sale and any future sale of this chassis number  3724



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  • B2A75EB9-B914-42DD-8BDB-EFD6647EFA66
  • B46E8D00-57F7-4DCE-AFC3-EB1B8ED4F23F
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