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Originally posted by Backmarker:
Wedding that day....... Never fails
Kingston is only about two hours away for me.

Don't you know the expression: "Only good excuse is a funeral...yours"

Ok joke we'll miss ya !
Man, it was great to get out for a longish ride yesterday. Carmen and I headed west early morning to meet up with our Ontario bros and say hi to 2 new Pantera owners. One of them on his maiden voyage.

The ride down was uneventful – a nice, cool, crisp fall day. The cats were eating up the miles. A few cops on the side of the road must have been looking elsewhere when we came upon them – so we lucked out twice! We took it easy after that, not wanting to push our luck.

The cat was awesome, as always, and it was great to spend 5 hrs behind the wheel. It’s been a busy summer and I miss the long rides we used to share.

I shot some great in-car video on the way there and back – with my new GoPro software operated from my iPhone. Messing with it gives you something to pass the time when you’re reduced to 20 kph over the limit looking for smokies.

Sadly, all the great video I shot was for nothing – everytime I thought I was turning it on, I was actually turning it off. Roll Eyes

It was great meeting Matt and seeing Fred’s car finally on the road. And it’s always nice to hang out with Will, Russ, Mark, Denis and Carm.

Anyhow, this post is JUST A REMINDER to push the real photographers in our group to post some pics from the day.

Mark? Russ?


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The ride from Ottawa was also much fun. We had the pleasure of finally seeing Fred much awaited car and seeing Matt's too!
Mark and I also had a spirited drive back (OK not as fast as David and Carmen but!). A Testarosa came along and Mark and I tried to play tag but some people have no sense of humour.


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To All,

WOW! The Kingston run was awesome!

It was great meeting all the other owners. I didn't think the ride back could beat the ride there. When we came up on that Viper and 458; it felt like Will, Russ and myself were a pack of hungry PANTHERS. It's too bad the 458 was being driven by a corpse! Seeing and hearing Will's weapon in front of that Viper was awesome - I swear there were con-trails coming off Will's car. I don't remember how fast we were going, but I remember seeing a needle and a 12 or something.

I can't stop thinking of the day!

Thanks, guys!

Yes, it was a perfect day. It started out a bit cloudy and chilly, but when we hit the road the sun came out and stayed with us all day. The cats just love driving in cool air. Having the windows open when the air is cool makes it even better!

It was great to see Fred again and to be part of his first high-speed test run after a couple of years of major surgery on his car. It ran beautifully and looked great running down the highway.


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As Denis noted, he and I played cat & mouse (or perhaps more appropriately, cat and big, fat, oblivious red stick) with a 512TR on the road home. Clearly there are Ferrari owners and there are CAR GUYS... Big Grin

What a great day. I can't wait for the Montebello run in two weeks!


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