I am living in Germany and just bought in US a Pantera from 1973. The car is on the way to Germany but I am already looking for some technical manuals such as the book with the parts etc.
I assume I have to repair several positions so a manual would be a great help because the pantera is not very popular in Germany. Germans prefer Porsche and Mercedes.

If somebody could help me to get some information as book or as PDF.

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Welcome to the PI forum and congradulations on the Pantera!

as for you query about technical manuals, the car club POCA use to have a disc titled "The Works" that had several referance manuals. I paid close to $90USD for a copy a couple years ago.

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Congratulations on your purchase, there are other owners in Germany to help out, where are you located?

"The Works" CD is a great resource bringing together all the various technical publications into one source, that said recently POCA (Pantera Owners Club of America) has made all that information available online in the members only section at www.poca.com. Another bonus is International membership has been reduced for overseas members to something like $50, so probably the best $50 you will spend to get all that access and meet other like minded folks.

Thanks for your reply.
I am living close to Luxembourg or french border.
If I could get an emailadress or telephone number etc. from somebody who bought it, I would get in contact or buy the cd from him.

Alfred -

Join POCA through the link that Julian (Joules) provided and you can download it all from the POCA web site.

That's the easiest way to do it.

Hi Alfred -

Now Go to the "Members Only" pull-down once you are logged in,

Then go to "Documents"

You may want the "Ford Tech Service Bulletins".

You will certainly find a lot of useful material in the "Tech Library" area...

Don't waste too much time in the forums for a while.... Roll Eyes


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