I know this has been talked about, but with this New Format not sure where to look for old Posts? I want to replace the Seat belt webbing with a different Color and increase the length of the female side next to the Console.  

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The only way I know of is to remove the original webbing and add new cloth to original metal parts. There are seatbelt reconditioning services but not sure if they are gov't certified, since the proper cloth must be properly sewn for safety. This is really a question for Simpson Racing Products or other well known maker of seat belts & harnesses.

If you're poor, try redying or even upholstery-painting the belt material you already have; note this will not work very well if the belts you have are black. Aggressive bleaches may so affect the cloth or the thread used that its function as a life-saving safety device could be compromised; after all, they may be almost 40 years old. No safety equipment lasts forever, nor was it designed to do so. Racing and military seat belts & harnesses have a date tag and are thrown away after a time, just like old helmets.

I bought new inertia reel seat belts for my Pantera when I put it back on the road. I did not want to use or trust the ~40 year old ones. I bought the belts I am pretty certain from, https://www.seatbeltsplus.com/  

The belts were too long and did not retract enough so I contacted them and they had me send the belts back to https://www.seatbeltsolutions.com/ who manufactures them for seatbeltplus but does not sell them direct to the public. They were very helpful on the phone and amended the length on both belts and sent them back to me, for no charge.

This company also says they repair old seat belts so that might work for you. https://www.seatbeltplanet.com...-repair-service.html

If you use this company let us know. I have another project in the works and need some old inertia reels reconditioned / belts replaced.



Personally, I think this could be a good option for someone just looking for lap/shoulder belts, and doesn't mind not being original.

I'm just throwing it out there as an option - I am not associated with the seller or the offer in any way.

For a Lap & Shoulder belt setup, you would have two belts mounted on the inside of the seat from the same attachment, by the console.

These belts are non-retracting, and you would have to fabricate "mounting eyes" for the attachment clips.

 Ebay - Aircraft Seat Belts



FWIW, I'm also concerned about stock Pantera female belt-ends, because the buckles can disintegrate with age. The only thing actually holding the spring-loaded assembly together is the decorative plastic surround on top. If/when that cracks, the whole buckle falls apart. Note that all this has nothing to do with the belt assembly's holding power in a crash. I developed a viable repair for stock belt-ends that's now sold by Larry Stock using brand new molded plastic tops, if the stock look is important to you. But it does nothing for worn, ratty-looking frayed belt material.

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