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Greetings everyone,

I wanted to let folks know that we have just completed a replacement seat upholstery project for the 71 and early 72 Pantera.

I am now offering an excellent quality replacement seat upholstery kit for the 71 and early 72 Pantera. This upholstery set features vertical pleats for the 71 and horizontal pleats for the early 72 in elk grain as original. Includes upholstery for 2 seat backs, 2 seat bottoms and 2 head rests. Fits tube style seat frames that came in 71 and early 72 Pantera's. If your seat back unbolts from your seat bottom then you have the tube style frame.

This upholstery features zippers at the bottom and back of the seat back for an easier installation. Professional installation is recommended, however, the do-it-yourselfer will find these much easier to install then the old style sewn closed design.

I am offering this seat upholstery kit at an introductory price of $289.95 for vinyl. Additional colors and grains available upon request. Leather is also available.

For more details and ordering information please see

Seat upholstery for the 72-74 coming soon!

Take care, Scott
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This is FANTASTIC! Seems half the Panteras I ever looked at either needed new upholstery or had it done to a rather unintentionally sorry degree. There were just no ideal replacements out there.

Owners (including me) tried to find something 'close' or go for a full upgrade to a new and costly seat, with all the fitment issues included. In my case, this was a thousand dollar headache. Though there was an eventual 'good' outcome, it still wasn't ORIGINAL.

Scott, this is great you're doing this. Count me in as a customer. I'd like you to do the seats in my 74. I realize that material has yet to be completely done, but looking at the photos of the earlier cars, I'm sure it'll come out great. PM me so we can talk later this week. Great news.
Just curious....any plans for adding the replacment foam?

Yes, I will offer MOLDED seat foam just like the originals for the pan style seat frames (late 72-74).

The early seat frames (71 - early 72) did not use seat foam, they used horse hair that does not wear out.

I should have the seat foam done in early Feb.


This is GREAT! As far as molded foam goes, I would recommend that it NOT duplicate the originals exactly, but improve upon it. My seats were reupholstered by Hall (or their subcontractor) in the 80's or 90's and have much more side support and lower back support, but look totally stock; however, they are VERY comfortable for long drives/trips. Actually, they're the most comfortable stock-style Pantera seats I've sat in.

I can send you pics if you like.
I completely agree. What I meant by original is that the foam will be the same shape and fit as the original seat foam was.

Some vendors are selling what they claim to be molded seat foam but is really glued together foam pieces that need to be cut to shape.

My seat foam will look and fit like the originals but will be made with modern techniques. Firmness can be adjusted with the mixture of the foam making products.

I am very excited about the seat foam that we will be offering. I do not think anyone will be disappointed.

i have a 73 pre L built 7/72 - will these fit

The easiest way to tell what seat you have is to check to see if the seat back unbolts from the seat bottom. If it unbolts then you have the early tube frame style seat frame. I have upholstery ready to ship for both the 71 and 72 style seat upholstery with the tube style seat frame. More information and pictures are available on my website listed above.

If you have the later seat pan frame I should have that upholstery done within the next couple of weeks. The upholstery is actually done but needs to be test fit with the new seat foam that we are offering. This is happening this week.

If you would like to send me a picture of your seat I should be able to tell you what frames you have.

Take care, Scott
Can you duplicate these 79 GTS seats ?

Hi Ron, your seats look very much like the 74 style seats except they appear to have external hinges or support brackets for the seat backs. Do the seat backs fold forward?

Either way I can make the upholstery out of leather with what ever material you want for the seating areas.

One area to save money would be to do only the seating area and bolsters in leather with the sides and back in matching vinyl. This also makes installation easier since the leather doesn't stretch like the vinyl does. I can do in all leather but it is more expensive.

Give me a call if you would like to discuss possible options but I am certain I could help with a custom set of replacement seat upholstery.

Take care, Scott
FWIW, reupholstered '71-72 seats with folding backs are not only very comfortable for long drives- as Garth said, but if done properly, you gain headroom. To do this, the seatback mount straps in back are slotted; then by adjusting the stock bolts, you can change the rake of the seatback enough to accomodate pretty much any body. I am 6'2" and Judy is 5'4", and the seats accomodate both of us comfortably on 8-hour drives, as well as providing helmet clearance for track days. I mounted aluminum tooling knobs on the stock metric allen bolts so I can reach them and change the rake (with a little squirming) while driving. Later ('75-up) seats with built-in rake adjusters have far too thick seat and back padding to allow my body to fit, as do Recaros. Corvette seats are taller so don't allow the same angle of back-rake.
Our stock seats were redone in leather by Mike Cook in the '80s, as were Ike Burris' identical seats in So-Cal. Besides the slotted back-straps, the seats have their rearmost crossmember bent into a shallow curve to provide more tailbone clearance when the back is adjusted more upright. They also have hard nylon rollers in stock seat tracks. And the price in '88 was very close to what Scott is advertising today....
Hi Ben,

Full leather seats are $699.95 for the pair.

I can also do leather on the seating area and a matching vinyl on the sides and backs. The advantage of going this route is they are a bit easier to install since the vinyl has some stretch to it whereas the leather does not. The leather with a matching vinyl back is also less expensive at $599.95 for the pair.

Turnaround time is about 2 weeks once the order is placed.

Here is a link to the full leather set.

Take care, Scott
Thanks Scott for your reply. I am in the process of purchasing a 1971 pushbutton Pantera. The seats in the car looks like a 72 I am awaiting delivery in the next few weeks. The car is being shipped from Georgia to Hawaii. I better wait to see what type of seat it has before I order. I would like to order a set of the original vertical seats but in leather. Is there any choice of the grain of the leather or the softness of the leather. Can you get leather similar to the Ferraris or Connolly leather? Ben
got seat trim & foam for my car & installed it in late january - had a minor problem with a seam coming apart - contacted scott & he not only replaced them but redesigned them to make installation easier by putting zippers in the back. i have had the on for app: 7 months & have been to many gatherings of car nuts (most don't even know what the car is)but everyone is impressed with the seat trim fit & quality as i also am. thanks scott for doing a great job & i hope that anyone needing seat trim will contact you. i am sure that they will also be well satisfied
I just purchased a new leather upholstery kit and had an upholstery shop install them. They look great and feel very nice. I had the 1971 vertical stripes done in leather on front and back of the seats. The whole kit was around $799. Scott had the option of only the front done in leather and the back in vinyl but I wanted the best for my car even if it originally came in vinyl. The quality of the work was good. I was very happy with the kit. Ben
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