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I will be refinishing an engine bay.  Most of the work has already been done as you can see in the second photo.  My plan is to use paint for the finish, not truck bed liner.  The paint that I am thinking of using is SprayMax 2K.  It is rattle can paint with hardener.  The hardener is added when you are ready to spray.  They have a high build primer and top coat.  The primer is Direct To Metal (DTM).  I have used the satin black top coat previously with success on several occasions.  I have not used the primer.  The only issue I had with the satin black is occasional spatter from the rattle can nozzle.  Do any of you have experience with using the SprayMax primer?  Can you think of any issues with this approach?  Thank you.


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Steve, I know you own a spray gun LOL.  You have spent lots of time preparing the sheet metal for a smooth finish so if it were me I would go buy some automotive paint either single stage or two stage and do it the right way.  Your comment above mentioned the occasional spatter.  Sheeh that's what happens with a rattle can.  I know you know how to do this I remember your rust color P-car that YOU painted looked good to me.

Steve, Congrats on your new car!!!  You scored!

My only reservation is how well the rattle can spray applies. I've used a number of spray guns from Devilbis to cheap Harbor Freight spray guns that I think would apply it better than a spray can.  On that large a surface I just think you will get better coverage and blend using a spray gun.  And with the amount of prep that went into your engine bay IMO it deserves a decent spray gun finish.  Post pictures when you finish!

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