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Most Italian high performance cars have both a serial number as well as a body, (scocca) number.
My 1974 Longchamp has serial# 2067 and body # 26, this number is found in several places, such as gas filler door, door frame. Question is, does 26 signifie the 26th Longchamp body made? Has anyone else found similar numbers?
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That is quite interesting as when I restored the Pantera I found the last 2 numbers of the VIN stamped on items like the hood and headlamp doors. The Mangusta has also the last 2 of the VIN stamped on every single item, even mouldings or chalk on the reverse of trim items. So with keeping with the same philosophy one would assume the last 2 of your VIN on items?
Logic says that mine should be the 34th manufactured, but why then stamped 26? Your Deauville, what numbers are stamped on your car.The explanation could be that the body, manufactured by The Golden car company, 20 km south of Torino, was the 26th pressed, but when it came to the assembly, mine was attributed 2067, and being the 34th assembled.I visited the Golden Car Company last year, but unfortunately all their old records and files were damaged during a flooding of their archives in the basement. Today they make various stamped parts for Lamborghini, and in the past also bodies for Maserati Quattroporte III.
It was not a matter of poor planning, but cash is king. With the deauville and longchamp, it was about the cash flow. I can recall several times being told to stop work on one car or another. It seems that some part of the payment process had stopped. I can recall a Blue Longchamp, that was there 1981-2 because the person who ordered it kept changing their mind about the seats. We would work a little on it and then stop.

It was different with the Pantera. We generally worked on their first come first served. In the summer of 1984, I was working on Three at a time. I would do the one part over the three and then start with something new and repeat it over the three.

There was also the customer cars that was kept at the factory and we would do work on them when things were slow or someones car came in for work. We had a Pantera with Nebraska plates, that we would get told the owner was coming and wanted to drive the car. We would all focus on that car, with Segadoni calling the shots.
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