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If we have not discussed the solution before:

If your car was not submitted by you, all you have to do is send in pics to get it switched to you.

Include the VIN plates (Door, dash, footbox etc...).

Looking at 7059 in the Registry, I see it was added back in 2006, when it was for sale, it still had the Arriva tires! The entry shows ad details and a bunch of pics, but they are all small, and should be replaced. (Michigan plates ?)

If I remember correctly, this fine example of an original car (and thus deserving of LOTS of documentary photos) was whacked by some Dufus... and you had it repaired to even better than before...
If my memory serves...

So you should have some good before, and after (and some during repair) photos... yes?

So I'm sure you have lots of pics to choose from.

Waiting to see your pics!

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